About Koushan Pharmed

At Koushan Pharmed, we have the expertise of a proven pharmaceutical importer and the focus and passion of a developer and manufacturer. The result is something different in health care today – a private – owned pharmaceutical company that has the market intelligence to discover the health needs of people and advance innovative ways to either import from reputable suppliers across the world or produce from the best API’s, to meet their needs. 

When it comes to business development, Koushan Pharmed starts with the patient. We draw on our deep expertise in market analysis and on our understanding of the patient journey to identify opportunities to create better outcomes at every stage. This patient-centered approach to discovery and development ensures we remain focused on our goal of improving lives.
Koushan Pharmed is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Iran today, adopting a sustainable customer focus strategy.  

Innovation is the cornerstone of Koushan Pharmed's business

Our development efforts are focused on a core set of therapeutic areas where we believe we can have a great impact on the disease and how it is managed. These core areas of focus include Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Endocrinology,Cardiovascular and OTC products. We are investigating patient’s health needs, and our internal research efforts are balanced with external collaborations across industry, academia and healthcare authorities.

We Operate Responsibly

We aim to improve lives, and we pledge to do so in a transparent and sustainable way. We’re also committed to providing the highest-quality products for patients.We’re collaborating with suppliers across the world including Korea, India, Belgium, Italy, Germany, USA and Canada to maintain a sustainable supply chain.


    • 1stFloor,No.15,Padidar Alley,Africa Blvd.
    • Tel: +98 2188197145
    • Fax:+98 2188197153

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